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I am thinking of creating a will, when is the best time to do this?



I am thinking about buying a house, do you think I need my own lawyer?



If I am injured in an automobile accident, what should I do to protect my rights?


“I have known Gerry Blair for a long time. He has helped me and my family with several legal issues. I have used Gerry’s service for injury claims, a will and testament. Even my husband had Gerry’s help to establish and register a Corporate business. We are very happy with Gerry Blair’s legal services and would recommend him.”

Carol C.

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“I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry Blair in 1985 when he drew up our first Wills. For 32 years Gerry has been instrumental in some easy (best day of your life) and some of those very difficult (worst day of your Life) real estate transactions. Gerry can always be counted on to dot every “T” and cross every “I”. Gerry also guided me through a very difficult year and a half when my husband became a homicide victim. Gerry has kept my legal issues a priority by following up on issues related to that case for the last 15 years. A professional dedicated lawyer in and out of the court room who makes you a priority in his daily schedule.”

Diane S.

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“I retained Attorney Gerry Blair to represent me regarding a sub-division approval in the Town of Walpole, Massachusetts. I had approvals from both the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals, but an abutter appealed the decisions. I decided that I needed a more experienced attorney in battling this appeal in the courts. I decided on Attorney Blair for two important reasons: his experience in zoning by-laws and with all of the town boards and his knowledge of the numerous required applications, time lines, format of meetings and presentations at those meetings. More importantly though, was Gerry’s investigation of past precedent legal cases substantiating our position, which he researched and presented to the Court. Despite being up against a well known law firm experienced in Zoning cases, Gerry won the case (which had gone all the way to Superior Court). Both the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals decisions were upheld in our favor by the Judge. I would highly recommend Gerry Blair in any type of legal dispute.”

Tom T.

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