Verdicts & Settlments

Client was a passenger in a van which collided with a car taking a left turn. Client suffered a brain injury. He was comatose in the Intensive Care Unit of hospital for several weeks, received in-patient rehabilitation care for 6 months and out-patient rehabilitation and occupational therapy for more than a year. Client s injuries resulted in permanent paralysis and cognitive and memory deficits. His injuries left him totally and permanently disabled.

3.1 Million Settlement - policy limits – Automobile Accident – Brain injury

Client s husband was an electrician on a construction site. Improper safety practices and violations of OSHA led to an uncovered live wire carrying 480 volts which he was handling. The electrical current resulted in his death. After settling the wrongful death claim with defendants, Client was able to settle the worker s compensation claim whereby the worker s compensation insurer agreed to waive its lien on the tort recovery of $1,500,000.00 and pay $91,000.00 to Client (which increased her recovery).

1.5 Million Settlement – Electrocution

Client was an experienced rigger on a work site hoisting 800 lb. motors up several stories within defendant’s building. Defendant s mechanic offered to Client the use of a chain pulley on a trolley (which was unsafe and defective). Unknown to the Client, the stops on the end of the trolley rail had been removed permitting the chain pulley and trolley to suddenly roll off the rail and fall to the floor, where Client was positioned. He suffered cervical disc herniations at C5-6 and C6-7 which required extensive medical care and physical therapy. The injury prevented him from lifting any heavy objects and thereby prevented him from returning to his occupation as a rigger.

1 Million Settlement – 2 herniated cervical discs C5-6 and C6-7

Client was a young woman who was raped at work by her supervisor. The defendant, at first, denied any encounter with Client. DNA specimens were recovered from the location where the Client claimed the rape occurred. Tests showed that the DNA specimens at the scene matched the defendant’s DNA. The defendant changed his story claiming that he had consensual sexual contact with the plaintiff. The jury rendered a verdict in Client s favor. As a result of the sexual assault, Client suffered severe psychological injuries, anxiety, phobias and sleep disorders that permanently affected her ability to function in social relationships.

$697,000.00 Jury Verdict – Victim of Sexual Assault

Client and her husband were guests at defendant’s hotel when she fell as a result of a large depression on the entrance walkway. In the course of the fall, Client fractured her wrist which required surgery, implanting pins and rods to restore some function to her right arm and hand. She suffered a permanent loss of function to her right arm and hand.

$325,000.00 Settlement – Fall down wrist fracture

Client was operating his motorcycle at reasonable speed. Defendant came out of a private driveway into the path of Client s motorcycle. Client took evasive action, which included laying the motorcycle down on its side. Client suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured wrist, post-traumatic medial plica syndrome of the knee and severe road burn. These injuries caused the Client to sustain permanent 30% impairment of his wrist and permanent 20% impairment of his leg.

$100,000.00 Settled policy limits – Motorcycle accident

Client was stopped in traffic. Suddenly she was rear-ended by the defendant and taken to the hospital. Client s treatment included an MRI which showed she suffered a herniated cervical disc at c4-5. This injury resulted in a 12% permanent partial whole body impairment.

$80,000.00 Settlement – Automobile accident

Client was stopped at a traffic light when she was hit in the rear by another car. Client had extensive medical treatment which showed that she suffered a torn tendon and torn rotator cuff of her right shoulder. She underwent surgery and physical therapy. She suffered a permanent disability to her right shoulder as a result of her injuries.

$65,000.00 Settlement – Automobile Accident

Client lived in a single family home with her husband. They purchased an in-home chair lift from the defendant, who improperly installed the lift. As a result of the defective product and installation, one day Client was in the chair-lift descending the stairs when she heard a crack and the chair lift tilted forward causing Client to tumble to the bottom of the stairs. She sustained multiple injuries, including fractures of her right thumb and index finger. These injuries caused partial disability for an extended period.

$15,000.00 Settlement – Home Chair-lift accident

Client was a passenger on her boyfriend’s motorcycle traveling in the right lane on a four-lane road, posted 50 mph. Up head, defendant motorcycle operator slowed nearly to a stop in left lane and signaled a left turn. Client s motorcycle was about to pass in right lane when suddenly and without warning defendant took a sharp right turn into the path of Client s motorcycle. Despite evasive action, both motorcycles collided causing Client to be hurled to the ground. Client suffered multiple injuries, including her jaw fractured in three places, 4 fractured teeth, other extensive dental and orthodontic injuries.

$40,000.00 Settlement Policy Limits – Motorcycle Accident

Client was a passenger in an SUV operated by Defendant. Defendant failed to obey a stop sign resulting in a collision with an automobile in the intersection. Client suffered neck and back soft tissue injuries and lacerations resulting in scarring. He suffered four weeks of total disability and three months of partial disability.

$30,000.00 Settlement – Automobile Intersection Accident

Client was stopped in heavy traffic when the defendant smashed into the rear of Client s automobile. As a result, Client suffered a concussion, cervical sprain and cervical radiculopathy. Client was totally disabled for 6 weeks and partially disabled for 4 months.

$20,000.00 Settlement – Automobile Rear-end Accident

Client was driving her car in an intersection. Defendant s car ran a stop sign, entered the intersection and collided with Client s car. Client suffered low back injuries including bulging disc at L3-4 and L4-5.

$30,000.00 Jury Verdict – Automobile Intersection Accident

Client was operating his car south on a two-way suburban street in daylight hours was hit by a northbound motorcyclist crossing over center line at a high rate of speed striking Client’s car head-on. Client suffered multiple injuries, including a right patellar fracture. As a result of the knee fracture, Client suffered permanent chronic knee pain and permanent 6% impairment of his right leg.

$90,000.00 – Arbitration Finding – Automobile/Motorcycle Accident

Reported Decisions

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